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Best Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief

How Cannabis Helps With Pain

When your body experiences pain, it’s usually in response to an injury or illness. Pain is your body’s way of alerting you of this problem so that you can take the proper action to prevent further injury and heal. Sometimes, though, pain can be severe, ongoing, or a result of an injury or illness that takes a while to treat. These types of pain may get in the way of you living your life to the fullest, and they can be hard to avoid. If you have ongoing or chronic pain or occasional serious pain from conditions like migraines, you may be wondering if there’s a way to stop it without turning to prescription medications.

While pain responses mostly stem from our sympathetic nervous system, other systems within our bodies come into play when we are experiencing pain. One of these systems is the endocannabinoid system (ECS). While traditional medicine has used cannabis to treat pain for hundreds of years, it’s only in the past few decades that modern medicine has begun to explore cannabis and its effects on our ECS. Every person has a unique ECS that responds differently to the compounds found in the cannabis plant, but the ECS is one of the key systems involved in regulating pain sensations. This means that when we consume cannabis, it can have a pain-relieving effect, which is great news for people who want an all-natural route to pain relief.

The Best Cannabis Strains for Pain

There are hundreds of cannabis strains currently in existence, with new ones being developed constantly. Each strain has a unique set of effects on our bodies, and each strain can help to treat different conditions. Some strains are developed to stimulate the appetite, alleviate the symptoms of anxiety or depression, help with insomnia or occasional sleeplessness, inspire creativity, or relieve pain. With so many strains available, it can be tough to know where to start if you’re seeking pain relief.

When seeking out a strain to treat your pain, look at both the CBD and THC content. These two compounds are the most commonly recognized cannabinoids in cannabis. Cannabinoids are the substances present in cannabis that interact with our ECS. THC is what gives cannabis its well-known high, so THC dominant strains will have greater psychoactive effects than CBD heavy strains. With that said, here are some of the most well-known strains used to treat occasional or chronic pain.

If your pain is caused by inflammation…

Chronic pain, like the pain experienced due to arthritis, is sometimes caused by an ongoing immune response that leads to inflammation. These strains can help:

  1. California Sour – this strain is known for its euphoric, uplifting effects that can easily get your mind off your pain. After this initial rush, you’ll sink into a deep relaxation that is perfect for pain relief, help with sleeping, and taking your mind off stress and anxiety. This is a THC dominant strain.
  2. ACDC – this CBD dominant strain will not have psychoactive effects, so it’s a great option for people who don’t want to feel the intoxicating effects of cannabis. It has been favored as one of the top strains for medical use, so it’s the perfect place to start if you’re just beginning your journey into cannabis for pain.
  3. Harlequin – the anti-inflammatory properties of this heavy CBD strain make it useful for those suffering from arthritis or other chronic pain. It can relieve pain without sedating the user.

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, you may need a higher dosage of cannabis to treat your conditions. Start with a small dose and increase it until you feel relief. Edibles, resin, and concentrates can help to deliver a higher dosage easily.

If your pain is occasional…

Occasional headaches, migraines, stomach issues, or other aches and pains are a normal part of life. You may also have temporary pain after healing from surgery or an injury. Here are some great strains to have on hand to treat the pain you may experience day-to-day:

  1. Blue Dream – a high THC content is great for stress relief and for treating low-grade pain like tension headaches. It can help you unwind and relax after a long day, but can also help with more severe pain like that associated with migraines.
  2. Purple Arrow – if you’re recovering from surgery or an injury, this strain can bring you immediate relief from intense levels of pain. This makes it a great alternative to prescription opiates that a doctor may recommend during your recovery.

When you’re only using cannabis for occasional relief, choose strains that are somewhat balanced with both CBD and THC. CBD is known as an anti-inflammatory, and THC is best for relaxation and sedation.

If you have muscle pain…

Athletes or people who have physically demanding jobs may experience muscle pain or issues with their back or neck. Here are the top cannabis strains to help you treat muscle aches due to a heavy workout

  1. White Widow -White Widow is a THC-heavy strain that can bring you the relief you’re looking for. This strain creates a unique sensation that can help you relax without making you feel too sleepy.
  2. Redwood Kush – this is a popular favorite used to treat muscle tension and soreness. It has a sedating effect which means it’s a good idea to dose before you’re ready to relax or sleep.
  3. Blackberry Kush -this strain is best known for giving users a pleasantly euphoric state of sedation. It’s another strain that is great to help you relax after a long day of hard work.

If you’re looking for all-natural relief for any type of pain, there’s likely a marijuana strain that can help. It may take a little experimentation to find the right strain and dosage for your individual needs, but whether your preferred method of ingestion is smoking, edibles, tinctures, cannabis is a powerful medicine that can help you find relief. Contact us to learn more about the strains we offer and which ones may be right for you!