CBD FAQ– Your Questions About CBD Answered

CBD, marijuana’s non-psychoactive component, has recently taken over as the newest over-the-counter champion in pain management, anxiety treatment, and all-around wellness. Gas stations, drug stores, and even major retailers are taking note and, like dispensaries, are taking advantage of its sudden increase in popularity by stocking up. With last year’s federal legalization of hemp, hemp products and supplements are in high demand.

Everyone’s talking about this new supplement, but what, exactly, is CBD and what can it do for you? We took the time to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about CBD to give you an idea of how this cannabis derivative can help you.

What Does CBD Do For You?

CBD is not a universal cure-all, but the substance’s wide range of applications speaks for itself in terms of versatility. This supplement has been shown to provide relief from anxiety, muscle or nerve pain, chronic pain, insomnia, restlessness, irritability and mood swings, and much more. Though most of this evidence is purely anecdotal due to lack of clinical research, card-carrying medical marijuana patients and their non-patient counterparts continue to tout its benefits. The pharmaceutical industry has joined in this new wave by producing the first FDA-approved CBD-based medication called Epidiolex. This medication was designed to treat seizures, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and Dravet syndrome, and uses a very controlled and pure version of hemp-derived CBD. Most over-the-counter CBD products are not as pure or potent as Epidiolex, but their effects are still worth exploring.

Does CBD Contain THC?

The answer to this question depends on the source and type of supplement you are taking. Buying CBD from sources not approved by the FDA increases the risk of higher levels of THC in the final product, a result that occurs from how the supplement is harvested. Simply put, seek high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products from trusted sources to avoid unwanted contaminants.

There are three types of CBD that you should be aware of:

  • full-spectrum CBD
  • broad-spectrum CBD
  • CBD isolate

The first type, full-spectrum CBD, is the most commonly used and the most widely available. This type of CBD can contain a range of cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant and contains different levels of THC between brands, dosages, and applications. This type is only legal when derived from hemp and is allowed to contain up to a certain amount of the psychoactive compound THC, making it a controlled supplement.

Broad-spectrum CBD also contains cannabinoids such as terpenes and flavonoids, but the psychoactive compound has been removed entirely, making them safer than full-spectrum products for avoiding THC. This type is produced more specifically as a supplemental oil and may be harder to find than the full-spectrum products.

The last type, CBD isolate, is the absolute purest form of CBD produced. It contains zero cannabinoids and because it is derived specifically from hemp plants, it contains 0.0% THC. This type of CBD is the hardest to make and is not as readily available or inexpensive as other CBD products, and most patients are left to find an online supplier.

Does CBD Have Side Effects?

As promised, this supplement won’t make you feel like you’re “high” or put you into an altered state of consciousness. There are some rare cases in which the patient does get the effects of THC when taking CBD, but these situations are infrequent and generally limited those who have had adverse reactions to other medications in the past. As always, when introducing any new supplements into your body, it’s best to begin slowly and safely to avoid unwanted side effects.

Some evidence suggests that CBD can actually “cancel out” the negative effects of THC, like paranoia, hunger, and anxiety. This will depend largely on the THC-to-CBD ratio you’ve consumed, the type and severity of the anxiety, and your own biology. When used together, CBD can actually ease the more psychoactive effects of THC to produce a less jarring, more functional high.

What Does CBD Feel Like?

CBD makes most people feel generally relaxed and calm without feeling “stoned.” The pure supplement calms your nervous system, dampening the fight-or-flight response that works overtime for those with anxiety, and, in combination with small amounts of THC, can help people suffering from muscle pain, nerve pain, and inflammation. CBD on its own is effective in producing a mental “fresh start,” so to speak, leaving the user feeling more or less okay. CBD won’t fix everything and isn’t the panacea some assume it to be, instead functioning as a beneficial supplement with many applications.

Though most patients report feeling the effects of CBD immediately, some might not recognize a difference for days, even weeks, after starting their regimen. It’s important to remember that not everyone will react the same way to CBD products, so patience and safe experimentation with dosages and applications can be necessary.

Is CBD Legal In All States?

While it is legal to buy and use hemp-derived CBD in all 50 states, marijuana-derived CBD is still illegal under federal jurisdiction and users are subject to laws concerning the sale and consumption of those products. The 2018 Farm Bill made cultivating, transporting, and selling hemp and hemp-derived products legal on a federal level; however, states are still free to impose laws against the retail sale of those products. As a result, research on hemp and hemp-derived products will increase and so will their availability.

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