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Cannabis Delivery Service in Maryland
Call (301) 882-7910 for delivery


Delivery Service MEDICAL
Orders Accepted: Mon – Sun 9AM-7PM (No Delivery Christmas & Thanksgiving)
Delivery Times:* Mon – Sun 9AM-8PM (No Delivery Christmas & Thanksgiving)
Delivery Fees: None
Delivery minimums: 5 Miles or less: $50, 6-20 Miles: $100, 21-25 Miles: $125, 26-35 Miles: $200
Payment Type:** Cash
Identification: Medical Card & ID

Verilife offers free delivery to Maryland patients* within 25 miles of our store. It is even easier to get your medicine from Verilife.

Why is our delivery service better than the others?

  • All of our drivers undergo FBI and DMV background checks, so no need to deal with shady drivers or services anymore.
  • All of our medicine is lab tested and certified. You know exactly what is in your medicine, no guessing.
  • All you need is your valid Maryland medical patient card and a valid State ID to place an order for delivery.

*Deliveries will arrive within 3 hours of time of Order on a First Come- First Serve basis and availability. At certain times, we may experience high demand for delivery orders. Customers will be made aware at the time of order. Customer will receive a Confirmation call 30 minutes prior to delivery. We reserve the right to refuse delivery. Must be an existing EVerilife patient to qualify for free delivery.

** Our Drivers Do NOT carry Cash.

Call (301) 882-7910 to place your delivery order today!

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Free Canabis Delivery FAQ

Have your medical cannabis drivers passed background checks?

Yes, all of our drivers have passed FBI and DMV background checks.

What time can I call in my medical cannabis order?

Please see our delivery page for more information.

What do I need in order for a medical cannabis delivery?

You need your valid Maryland medical cannabis card and valid Maryland ID.

Will you deliver medical cannabis to patients visiting from out of the State?

No, at this time delivery is only available to Maryland residents.

Will you deliver medical cannabis to an address other than what is listed on my license and ID?

No, at this time delivery is only available to the address that is listed on your license and ID.

Will someone call to confirm my medical cannabis order?

Yes, we will call you to confirm you order and our driver will call you before they arrive at your listed address.