Know Your Cannabis: A Guide To Everything Edibles

A sizable amount of cannabis comes in edible form these days. In fact, you can probably find just about any sort of food, beverage, or other consumable item made with cannabis if you look hard enough. Whether or not you should you should take consumables yourself really comes down to individual preference. Some people prefer them, and some people don’t. There are various reasons for both sides of this question, but regardless of which side you fall on, there are a few key things about edibles worth knowing. They can have significantly different results than other forms of cannabis depending on how you use them, which is why it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. For anyone who’s new to edibles or the world of cannabis in general, here are some basic guidelines to ensure you have the best possible experience.

All About Edibles: Common Questions & Answers

What’s The Difference?

Aside from the obvious, there are a few key differences in the way edibles affect you versus smoking your cannabis. In general, the effects tend to happen more slowly but last for a longer period of time. Also, edibles tend to have a stronger impact on bodily sensations and a somewhat milder effect on the brain, though they can still be quite potent. Tolerance levels vary considerably with edibles, too. The strength of every dose depends on several factors, making it somewhat difficult to predict exactly how it will affect you. Overall, it’s a little trickier to use efficiently, but it can have a significantly greater impact on the way you feel physically.

How Much Does It Take To Get High?

As with smoking cannabis, the THC content is the most significant factor to consider. Apart from that, though, your body weight, metabolism, general tolerance, and physical condition can all affect how potently you’ll feel edibles, once consumed. Having an empty stomach, for example, might cause the effects the occur more quickly and strongly. Heavier body weights tend to require higher doses, however, your metabolism may help your body absorb the THC more or less efficiently regardless of how much you weigh. The balance between all these factors is what makes dosing such a complex question from one person to another.

A 10 mg dose, for some people, is a good place to start. This amount has become a common reference as a single serving, though for some this amount can be entirely ineffective. To put it plainly, there isn’t really an accurate way to judge without trying it for yourself. Knowing your precise weight, metabolism, and bodily condition still won’t help much until you know how THC affects you personally. For beginners of all sorts, it’s best to start with smaller doses to see how you feel and adjust accordingly until you find the dose the works best for you.

How Strongly Does It Affect You?

This also varies from one person to another. As mentioned above, edibles are known for having a stronger impact on the body than smoking. This can mean a comfortable, deeply relaxed feeling for some. For others, it could mean an overwhelming bodily sensation, while some might not feel a change in their body at all. Your tolerance and dosage will make a difference here, but there are other factors that are important too. However you’re affected, the experience will likely last longer than it would if you were smoking. The “peak” or the point when the effects are at their strongest, tends to last longer and fade more gradually. It isn’t uncommon for the full experience to last 2 or more hours, depending on how much THC was ingested.

Generally, you should expect the same effects from edibles as you do from smoking, only in a longer-lasting, more physical way. Edibles can still cause feelings such as euphoria, giddiness, happiness, paranoia, contemplation, and everything else cannabis is known for. In addition, you may also notice a tingling or numbing sensation throughout your body. These sensations are known for being deeply relaxing, often utilized for pain and stress relief, but they also have the potential to be overwhelming. If you’re familiar with the effects of cannabis, you can probably imagine how powerful these feelings can be. Remember to start small and adjust to your preferred dosage to avoid overwhelming yourself with too much.

What If I Take Too Much?

Try not to worry. The important thing to keep in mind is that even if it feels like you’ve done too much, you’re not in any danger of overdosing. Most often, people who are inexperienced will make things worse by acting under the false impression that they’re in danger. Yes, the effects may feel pretty strong, and you may feel as though your body is reacting negatively, but your body is definitely going to be ok. Your organs won’t shut down and your breath won’t just stop. You’re simply feeling the intended effects beyond the scope of your own comfort level.

Worrying is the worst thing you can do in these circumstances, as it only exacerbates your overwhelming feelings further. Try to remember that as intense as it may feel, it won’t last forever and you’ll ultimately be fine. If you’re still having trouble calming down, eating or drinking something may help to take your mind off your feelings. Some people also find CBD helpful in taking the edge off a little, or even going to sleep until the effects wear off. Keep in mind that your dosage was definitely too strong this time, but that you’ll come out alright and aren’t going to suffer any permanent effects from the experience.

Knowing Your Cannabis Matters

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