Surviving the Holidays: How Cannabis Can Help

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means family gatherings, shopping trips, food preparation, festive events, and decorations galore. The holidays are a time of joy and cheer, but for many people this time of year can be overwhelming. The holidays may offer delicious baked goods and cheerful music, but if you struggle with anxiety, depression, or chronic pain the holidays could bring more dread than joy.

Stress and The Holidays

The holidays are more than just one day. Thanksgiving comes with travel and food prep, and Christmas is a month-long festive celebration filled with numerous events, parties, and responsibilities. While some thrive in such an atmosphere, for others it triggers anxiety and panic attacks. The holidays offer a lot of opportunities for fun and laughter, but they often require people to travel long distances on cramped roads or visit crowded airports. Some might be forced to see family members who are extremely judgemental or condescending. This can have negative effects on someone’s mental health.

For those with social anxiety, a crowded party filled with loud music, laughter, and tons of people chatting might seem more like a horror movie than a joyful occasion. And then there’s the financial stress that comes with shopping for gifts and going to holiday themed events. When you add all of that to the normal stress of day-to-day life, it’s no wonder people’s stress levels rise during the holidays. Some find that the holidays never live up to their expectations. We watch holiday movies that describe Christmas as a magical time and see families gathered together, happily enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner. But for those with busy schedules, massive debt, family and friends scattered across the country, the holidays can be far from magical. In fact, they can be a very lonely and disappointing time of the year.

Pain and the Holidays

Some people find that the holidays challenging for other reasons. They have money to go shopping and are excited to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list. They have a happy home life and plenty of friends who live within their city. They look forward to the holiday movies and play Christmas carols as soon as Thanksgiving is over (or before). It’s not a mental struggle they face but a physical one. Recurring or chronic pain can be debilitating, and the holidays can increase pain and make it more of a focus than ever. For someone who suffers from leg pain, walking around to look at Christmas lights can feel like an uphill battle. Sitting through a Christmas play with loud music can be torture for someone who suffers from migraines. And soon, a time that they looked forward to, a time that should be joyous, is filled with pain, disappointment, and sadness.

Cannabis for Stress and Anxiety

We live in a time when people are more aware and vocal about mental health than ever. We’ve made great strides in acknowledging the importance of self-care and have begun taking steps in helping people prioritize their mental and emotional well being. Finally, people are beginning to understand that mental health is just as important as physical health, and this is extremely true around the holidays. While there are several techniques to help calm someone when they’re feeling stressed or anxious, many people turn to cannabis. Due to restrictions in cannabis research, there isn’t a ton of facts and scientific proof when it comes to the relationship between cannabis and anxiety/stress. But, for several people, it has made a significant difference.

Cannabis, just like anything else, doesn’t work for everyone. Some people feel relaxed when they do yoga while others find it tedious. Cannabis is the same way. It affects everyone differently. While it might relax one person, it could increase the anxiety in another. Still, despite the lack of research and different effects on different people, many have said that cannabis is a lifesaver when it comes to their anxiety and stress. It helps calm them down and provides them with the tools to look at a situation without blowing it out of proportion. Others find that it helps quiet their brain at night and help them sleep. For others, it simply elevates their mood, making them feel more at easy, happy, and ready to face the day. Cannabis isn’t the universal answer to everyone’s anxiety, but it could provide relief this holiday season.

Cannabis for Chronic Pain and Migraines

Pain is complex. It’s far more than a physical sensation, as it also involves the senses and emotions. Your brain, and other parts of your body, contain a network of receptors. These receptors affect how and when you feel pain. Cannabis is helpful in pain management because it helps disrupt the signals between these pathways, changing how the receptors work. This can significantly reduce the pain you feel. In fact, in some studies people have reported a 50% pain reduction from their chronic pain. In another study, conducted at the University of Colorado, of the 121 people in the study who got regular migraines, 40% of them reported that the number of migraine headaches they suffered from each month was cut in half. Using cannabis to reduce your pain this holiday season can help you participate in more activities and be mentally present to enjoy the moments and memories being made.

The holidays should be a time of joy. Everyone deserves to celebrate, to be filled with laughter and wonder during festive events and family gatherings. We, at Euphoria Wellness genuinely want everyone to have the best holiday possible. If you suffer from pain or anxiety that might cause you to dread the holidays instead of looking forward to them this year, we invite you to contact us today. We would love to discuss the option of cannabis with you and help you have a truly amazing holiday season. We prioritize our customer’s physical and mental health, providing a one-on-one experience when you come into the shop, and we look forward to serving you.